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Management Policy expresses our conviction and determination that quality of business processes and products, as well as environmental determination are base for activity of Daido Metal Kotor AD. Only by processes well defined and managed, required and defined quality of products, we can achieve high level of competitiveness, successful business activity, profitability, meet customers' expectation ensuring their satisfaction and finally provide our future as the center of exquisitiveness, which we express through the slogan
We will apply this in accordance with ''2008 Fundamental policy Daido Metal Co. Ltd'', involving all employees through team work, taking care of their health and safety, making them use their talent, work with commitment and participate in improvements continually, this way creating places of work being ''Top of the World''. We will make base for our quality by involving all employees, using the new technologies and materials, as well as by learning continually and acquiring new knowledge and skills. Therefore, the main principles, meaning for us success and realization of continual improvements processes, are as follows:
We are focused on our costumers and we depend on them, therefore we must understand, accept and implement their specific requirements and meet their expectations in complete keeping high level of quality of delivery performances, having ''zero'' complaints and claims.
Quality of our products means 100% fulfillment of customers' requirements and documentation, use only registered and approved materials (ecological, lead-free, etc.), development and implementation of the new production methods and technologies, realization of set goals for every process with full satisfaction of their internal and external customers. We will use methods and techniques of benchmarking in order to achieve unique quality in the world.
Growth and profitability of the company stand for the source of means for our future development and improvement of life quality of all employees. The goals we have adopted for this year are our base for monitoring and analysing successfulness and efficiency, as well as for planning some actions and improvements. Reduce the internal reject to minimum by continual quality review and applaying adequate corrective actions and improvements. Improving methods of internal checks and risk control with further development of BIP system (Bussines Improving Process).
Our employees are our strength, their innovativeness is our future and their satisfaction is our reward, Therefore, we invest to their improvement, education, quality of life and promote safe, sound and mentally agreeable working environment.
Environmental policy of Daido Metal Kotor AD is constantly upgrading awareness that our survival is only possible in a preserved and healthy environment, rational and controlled use of all natural resources, projecting, producing and distributing our products in strictly regulated environmental manner making and maintaining the system and programmes which provide compliance with internal, national and international regulations and laws, as well as giving simultaneously information to the employees and all subjects and institutions on implemented activities and the results achieved. We reject everything that can negatively affect the employees' health and environment.
Our new products eliminate significantly use of all substances that are registered as environment polluters on international level or being dangerous for human health.
In order to realize such proclaimed environmental policy, management will provide implementation of the following measures:

1. Apply and comply with the laws and regulations (internal, national, international, EU, etc.) related to the environment preservation.

2. Revew and improve continually the established certification system of environment management ISO 14001 within the integrated system of quality management with ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9001.

3. Work constantly on improving organisation of work and technological processes for the purpose of rational and controlled consumption of raw materials, power sources, electricity, water, means of work, including minimization of exhaust into air and prevention of water and soil contamination.

4. Identify and supervise every impact to environment.

5. Tend to provide safe and sound working space for all employees.

6. Tend to reduce total waste, give priority to selection and recycling and removal of the waste that cannot be processed in a way not to threaten the environment.

7. Develop technologies and products that will improve environment.

8. Implement continual training related to environment preservation, in order to acquire new knowledge and upgrade awareness of each employee on significance of its preservation and personal responsibilities.

9. Establish the efficient communication with the customers, suppliers, all interested parties and other relevant institutions for the purpose of better exchange of information being important for environment preservation and necessary prevention.

10. Let our environment policy supervise all its operative phases in order to minimize all potential negative impacts to the environment, health and safety of the employees.

11. Make our annual and periodical reports on performance and results on environment preservation available to public.

12. Let environment policy manage all phases of its operations in order to minimize all negative effects to environment, health and safety of the employees.
DMK AD Management is commited to provide and ensure all need human and other necessary resources for fulfillment our Managin Policy and tend to make DMK AD recognized as the center of exquisivtivness in quality and as an industrial leader in preservation of environment, health and safety of the employees.

The Management policy is an official document on which content all employees should be informed.
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