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IATF 16949:2016
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85330 Kotor
Phone numbers:
+382 (0) 32 331-510
+382 (0) 32 331-513
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Finance department:
+382 (0) 32 331-501
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Daido Metal Kotor AD is located in Montenegro, in Industrial Zone near the city of Kotor.
The factory has an outstanding location:
· The Tivat Airport is 5 km away;
· The Podgorica Airport is 80 km away;
· The Port of Kotor is 5 km away;
· The Port of Bar is 60 km away;
· The Adriatic Highway is around 200 m away;
· The Bar Railway Station is 60 km away;
· There is a ferry line Bar-Bari, Bar-Ancona and Bar-Trst in the vicinity;
· The highways to Europe lead by the Adriatic Coast, via Bosnia, or via Podgorica and Belgrade.
The factory owns 11.500 m2 of workshops and 2.500 m2 of offices and annexes, at the area of 70.000 m2 of its own land, as well as the supreme equipment for bearings manufacture.
Basic manufacturing programme:
Plain half bearings, bushings and thrust washers for internal combustion engines.
Complementary manufacturing program:
Manufacture and repair of plain bearings, bushings, and thrust washers for other purposes in mechanical engineering:
· Manufacture and repair of white metal bearings for vessel engines, compresors, turbines etc;
· Manufacture of metal backed polymer bearings for working conditions without lubrication or with minor lubrication;
· Manufacture of bearings of integral materials based on copper alloys and aluminium alloys;
· Manufacture of tools and metal constructions; etc.
Ownership Structure:
Daido Metal Co., Ltd. Nagoya, Japan 99,6%
Employees and Citizens 0,4%
Total 100,00%
Board of Directors consists of 3 members:
1) Shoda Kenji - Daido Metal Co., Ltd. - Chairman
Miyo Motoyuki - Daido Metal Co., Ltd. - member
Kagohara Yukihiko - Daido Metal Co., Ltd. - member
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